Monday, June 30, 2003


Rocky took some great spiderweb images

Our backyard in Crescent City, California

The House we Rented With The New Road Out Front, Crescent City, California

Roxanne and Michael, Fern Canyon, California

Roxanne, Natalie and Michael, Fern Canyon Beach, California

Michael, Roxanne, Rocky and Johnny B, Fern Canyon, California

Michael, Roxanne and Johnny B, Fern Canyon, California

Roxanne and Natalie, Fern Canyon Beach, California

(June, 2002 to June, 2003) We had already decided to take this dumpy house out in the middle of nowhere near Crescent City before coming upon a For Rent sign in a yard on our way back. We called the number, they came out to show us the place and we were sold. We had $1,600 in his hands that night (1st and last months rent). This place had a $20,000 custom made kitchen with a central island, skylight, interchangeable stove tops, endless cupboards, cabinets and shelves that rolled out on ball bearings, a wine rack and much more. Even the master bedroom had sliding glass doors out to a side patio. A pellet stove in the living room (for heat, not cooking) kept the place warm and cozy. It was a corner lot with a two car garage. Very Nice. We told Gail that she would be cooking on a pellet stove and had her believing it was a dump. When we arrived with her, we swung open the large double doors of the main entrance and it nearly brought tears to her eyes.

Michael, Natalie and Roxanne eventually arrived, staying with us for 2 weeks before moving to Medford, Oregon. It wasn't Ashland but there was nothing available in Ashland that would work for them. We visited each other many times over the following months. The route to Medford ran along the Smith River which was the third cleanest river in the U.S. at the time. This was Redwood Territory. Rocky and I kept seeing this VW microbus along the route that was for sale. The price kept dropping so we finally called her and asked how much she had to get out of the vehicle. She said $1,000 which was our top offer so we met her the next day with cash and that's where we procured the Microbus.