Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Rocky Catching Bugs
Gail's Enclosed Front Yard
Gail in Front of Her Place
Across The Street From Gail's
Gail Out front
Gail's Ride

These Towers Are Near Completion
There is One Main Sculptor in the Area

Condos Near Completion
The Main Sculptor Has Some Really Cool Pieces
More Condos Near Completion
The Whole Area Used to Look Like This
More Condos...

5 to 28 February, 2007. We decided that the 29 foot motorhome was too cumbersome so we got rid of it and then purchased a more manageable 20 foot motorhome. We parked it on a street near all the construction occurring here. Large condos are being built to replace this run-down warehouse district. This area is adjacent to Channelside Drive, which is actually one of the most active regions in Tampa. Cruise ships, including Carnival's "Inspiration" take on passengers near here. The Channelside area is also where large ships take on gypsum that is mined nearby. It's a touristy area, serving embarking and debarking cruise ship passengers, complete with expensive restaurants, bars and a theater. Our little 20 foot motorhome blended in nicely and no one was the wiser that we were sleeping inside.

Sunday, February 04, 2007


The "New" Motorhome

February 3 to4, 2007. We decided to give the "new" motorhome a field test so we went back to Hillsborough River State Park for a couple of days. We've been pretty happy with this State Park- that's why we keep going back.

Friday, February 02, 2007


Johnny B. at His Computer

One of the Many Permanent Homes Here
Sawmill Offers Cabin Rentals Too
The Building on the Right is "Splash" (A Bar That Also Serves Food)
Some of The Tenants Here Take Their Landscaping Very Seriously
There are Trails and Woods Complete with Large Snakes!
Another Permanent Structure / Home
Some People Live Here Year Round
Ricky Lake is Actually The Cesspool
Sawmill Offers RV Storage Too
Fire Pit Behind "Woody's" (Another Bar on the Premises)
We Really Enjoyed the Landscaping and Ornamentation Everywhere
More Permanent Housing
Lots of Golf Carts Here

2 January to 2 February, 2007. Rocky and I first visited this campground in 1998 when they first opened. When we renewed our memberships, they were surprised to learn that our membership numbers were from the earliest days of their opening season. This place has two bars, a convenient store, full hookup sites, rental cabins, primitive camping sites and permanent houses that patrons have purchased for full time residency. There are woods, trails and a large RV storage section. I built many large fires in the open field near the RV storage area that was isolated from the other areas. The pool is heated, with lots of seating and an adjacent bar that serves a variety of simple food items such as chicken fingers, etc. The entire pool area is clothing optional. We stayed here for a month at a full hookup site and had a great time.