Friday, June 30, 1995


Johnny B and Parents After JB's Graduation from SIUC. Giant City Water Tower, Southern Illinois.

Johnny B's Parents, Southern Illinois

Rocky at Johnny B's Trailer, Roxanne Trailer Park, SIUC

Mike, Terry, Amy, Greg, Rocky and Joe

(1991 to 1995) I arrived at SIUC just about the time the first Iraq War started. I met Rocky here during the first year. I originally studied Genetics, taking such classes as Molecular Biology, Organic Cemistry and other difficult science courses. It was Chemistry that did me in. Measuring in Moles threw me for a loop. So I changed my major to Education, focused on teaching 4th Grade. I came to realize that it carried too much responsibility for a party guy like me so I changed again- to Liberal Arts. I finally got my Bachelor's Degree, after 5 years, including summer classes, in Creative Writing; Fiction.

SIUC is a great party college. It makes Playboy's Top 10 Party Colleges nearly every year. This is also where I started to write my book "Delivery." I had many great parties at my trailer in Roxanne Trailer Park. I went through many roommates, including my good friend, Tim Soteropoulis, who is also friends with one of my best friends since kindergarten, Bob Schoonover. Dan Sullivan, a freind from Junior High School, also moved in for awhile. He liked to keep the trailer ice cold, even in the winter, and simply wear more clothes and use more blankets. he is an avid camper and rock climber and prefers the outdoor environment. I also lived with Tyler who was one of my best friends in college. I had other roommates- Jason was a wild man, Chi was a psycho and Jessica was as deadbeat. I had some great times in college.

After I Graduated, Rocky and I drove to Colorado where our friend, Mary, was living.