Saturday, November 10, 2001


The Grand Canyon, From The South Rim
Same Shot, Different Lighting
More Grand Canyon
Into The Canyon
Looking All The Way Across
More Grand Canyon
The Canyon That Is Grand
Johnny B at The Grand Canyon
Johnny B
Johnny B Calling His Parents From The Grand Canyon
Rocky, As The UFO Was Beaming Him Up

We arrived at The Grand Canyon pretty late in the day so we took a quick look, snapped some pictures and decided to find a hotel. On the way out, we witnessed some guy getting out of his car to hand feed a coyote that had wandered into the road. Ironically, a sign that warned visitors not to feed the dangerous wildlife was posted right beside him. He got lucky. We checked in to a Holiday Inn Express. That was not a good decision. We paid for two nights and ended up checking out after the first night due to some pretty major plumbing problems. They even refunded our money for the first night. You'd think that Holiday Inn would put one of their best flagship hotels at The Grand Canyon but that was certainly wasn't the case.