Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Rocky's House with New Wall, Door and Windows

The Tiny Little City of Truth or Consequences, NM

Nearby Caballo Mountains off I-25

Elephant Butte Lake
The Largest Lake in New Mexico Right Next Door

Elephant Butte Lake Dam
Regulates The Rio Grande River All The Way Into Texas

New Mexico is Installing Lots of Solar and Wind Arrays

Johnny B in His Best Sunday Threads

Legendary Hot Mineral Bathhouse Water
Runs Through Rotary Park Into The Rio Grande

Rotary Park and The Rio Grande River

The Rio Grande River From Rotary Park

The Rio Grande River From Rotary Park

The Rio Grande River From Rotary Park

Panorama From Rotary Park
Turtleback Mountain Across The River

Johnny B and Mary, Base of Sandia Peak Tramway

On Our Way to Sandia Peak

Looking Down to The Lower Boarding Terminal

Tower One at 7,010 Feet Elevation

Mary and Rocky Hanging By A Thread

New Mexico From Above

What's There To Say?

Arriving at The Top

Mary at The Top

Johnny B, Mary and Rocky on Sandia Peak

August 12, 2010 to August 15, 2012.  The isolation of Truth or Consequences (TorC) was the perfect environment for me to write so I finally completed my science fiction novel "Rise of the Kek" and even started on the sequel.  The plan all along was to write a trilogy.  Our friend, Mary, visited us a she usually does whenever we move somewhere new.  We took the Sandia Peak Tramway (the world's longest tramway) to the top at 10,378 feet.  It was awe inspiring.

I ended up spending most afternoons writing and drinking beer at Rotary Park beside the Rio Grande River just two blocks from the house.  There wasn't a whole lot to do in TorC.

For various reasons, not the least of which TorC was very hot and very dry and very boring, we decided to move to Hawaii.  We found some renters, then spent a couple of weeks in the local area and Albuquerque to insure that the renters were working out.  After that, it was off to Hawaii.