Monday, October 15, 2001


Far Shot of Hoover Dam
A Little Close
Closer Still
It's Actually a Very Peaceful Setting
The Road That Crosses Hoover Dam
A Closer Look
And Closer Still
The Colorado River at The Dam
Johnny B at Hoover Dam
Rocky at Hoover Dam

We arrived at Hoover Dam shortly after 9/11 so there was a military checkpoint at the crossing. When we approached the nervous, M-16 toting soldiers in our VW Microbus, tensions were high. The moment came. We rolled down the window. “Was this thing at Woodstock?” asked one of the soldiers, referring to the Microbus. We informed him that it was a 1975 model, so the answer was no. He glanced into the back of the jam packed vehicle and we were sent on our way. We were fully expecting an intensive and inconvenient search.

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