Monday, November 15, 2004


15 November, 2004. We decided on Rideout Creek in Whitehall Bay (on the western shore) as our next stop. The Skipper Bob Book rates each stop by Holding (for an anchor), Wind Protection, Current Flow, Wake Protection, Scenic Beauty and Ease of Shopping. This place was rated very high for everything except Scenic Beauty and Ease of Shopping. We were far more concerned with safety than scenery and shopping at this point. The current was fierce as we passed under the William Preston Lane Memorial Bridge in Annapolis on our way to Whitehall Bay. We went from 7 mph to 9.5 mph in short, harrowing bursts. We missed the turn into Rideout Creek after entering the bay so we turned around and headed back. It was already getting dark. We remembered passing a bar and restaurant with a dock so we decided stop there and get some hot food instead of searching out the anchorage in the dark. We were hoping that if we spent some money there, they might let us dock there overnight.

We both ordered the jumbo shrimp When we asked if it was possible for us to dock there overnight, they told us that it was no problem, as long as we were out of there by mid-December. The food was great and it was happy hour at the bar, with $1.63 (half price) domestic beers. Apparently, Cantler's serves the best crabs in the whole of Chesapeake Bay and is famous nationwide, winning many awards for their food and service. After dinner, Rocky had one drink at the bar with me and then went back to the boat for bed. I stayed awhile and met some of the locals. In the morning, Mr. Cantler invited us up for coffee before opening and gave us the grand tour. There were many photos on the wall of famous people who had eaten there and even more of the Cantler's Family History. There was even a world record pink spotted fish (I can't remeber what type of fish) mounted on the wall. Mr. Cantler showed us photos of his father and grandfather who had been fishing and crabbing on the bay for over 100 years. Everyone there was extremely friendly. Rocky and I were very happy that we missed Rideout Creek and ended up here. If you're interested, they have a website at

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