Saturday, December 17, 2005

End 2005

New Years Eve, 2005-2006
From The Marina

Pearson Invicta II, Christmas 2005

Houseboat Joe, Christmas 2005

Deleted due to paranoid schizophrenia

Pearson Invicta II, Christmas 2005

Pearson Invicta II, Christmas 2005

New Table in Cosmic Debris
Getting Her Ready to Sell
December 10, 2005

New Galley in Cosmic Debris
Getting Her Ready to Sell
December 10, 2005

So, JB went off to his P's in Mt. Prospect. Joe came down to straighten out his SS. We have been working pretty steady on the boat. We worked out most of the 12 volt. I spent a whole day sanding, with a day or two more to go. The marina apparently sent out their new rates.... Hope we sell the buc before next month.

I hope all of you are well this CHRISMAS SEASON! Rocky.

From Johnny B: Dec. 11, 2005 to Jan. 5, 2006.

I took an extended vacation to my parent's house in Illinois- Dec. 11 to Jan. 5. My dad was supposed to have knee surgery so I was going to help out at the house since my mom doesn't drive. This was also a chance to get my parent's on ebay and start selling some of my mom's little treasures like lead crystal items and handmade porcelain dolls. The ebay venture went well and my dad picked up the process like a champ. My mom was very excited about the whole thing and constantly checked the bids and watchers for the items we listed.

I had come up with the perfect Christmas present that I would give to both my sisters' families and my brother and his wife- astronomical telescopes. It was a gift that all of their families could enjoy- fun, cool and educational. So I picked up three 4.5 inch main mirror telescopes.

My sister, Patty and her 3 kids stopped off at my parent's house on their way from Georgia to the upper northeast where they would be spending Christmas Day with her husband Dave's family. Dave had some business to attend to at that particular time so I didn't get to see him. But I had a great time with Patty and the kids, Taylor, Kendall and Tanner. They're great kids, very smart and polite. With so many dysfunctional families these days, it's great to know that my brother and sisters have such good kids.

My parents and I drove into Chicago to spend Christmas Day with my oldest sister, Sue, her husband Edek%2

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Marc & Gail said...

And what a year it has been! Hope the upcoming year finds you where you want to be. Happy Happy from Gail and Marc