Sunday, August 20, 2006

LeLena Gone Wild!

The crazy woman Lelena, as seen in previous posts, has again, went crazy.

Johnny B sold the buccanner. Hoary! These two young guys bought it. One of them is a trucker, so he is gone throughout the week. The other is looking for a job. This weekend, our friend Ed saw that they were using inflatable emergency dingies. He offered to let them use the canoe of another friend of ours that was only here some of the time. He had offered to allow us to use it so no one saw anything wrong with this.

Where I fit in is: I was returning to the basin with a couple of friends. Lelean was coming to the dock in here dingy with the canoe in tow. As I was stainding on the dock waiting for my friends park, I saw that she was screaming disparaging remarks. I didn't want my friends exposed to the foul language or to some altercation, so I started to walk toward the car. She stated to yell insults and threats at me. I turned and asked what did I do? She said come over here and I show you, as she swung an ore over her head. I then just walked away. I then saw Mike, one of the boys that bought the bayliner swimming to the dock. Apparently she had gone to the boat took the canoe, was screaming at them incoherently and threatening them. She then made her rounds around the basin harassing everyone in her sites.

The icing on the cake for me, was around midnight, there comes a knock on the boat. I woke to find Raymond and Lelean Taylor, Moses, or what ever Allis they are now using in their dingy knocking on the boat with an ore. Raymond said that he didn't like what went on today, and I shouldn't be pointing at his wife. I stopped him with "I don't want to have anything to do with you or her ever again, You ignore me, and I will ignore you." I thought it was over. They went back over to the bayliner and stole the dingy that I had gotten from them eight months earlier. I had traded a large quanta of teak wood, and a new airconditioner for it. I had bottom painted the thing twice already, and fixed it when the hurricane tore it up. I also had just loaned it to the boys because they again were screwed for a dingy.

I now feel that the dingy is just fodder, and if that's all it takes to get them to leave me and the boys alone, great.

Let Thieves lie.

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