Wednesday, November 15, 2006


We Almost Ran Over This Very Dangerous Coral Snake
With Our Bicycles. It Was In The Middle Of The Road

Rocky On One Of The Infamous Fold-Up Bicycles

Rocky At The Canoe Launch

Little Manatee River

Very Large Grill Near The Picnic Area

Cool Little Gazebo-Like Pavillion

Another Cool Pavillion

Playground Near The Picnic Area

This Guy's Shell Was About A Foot Long

There Were Originally Several Turtles On This
Branch Before I Accidentally Scared Them Away

Little Manatee River

Our Newly Acquired Fleet

Youth Camping Area


Rocky At The Large Picnic And Parking Area

Just Some Silly Little Bridge Near The Large Picnic Area

Little Manatee River

14 to 15 November, 2006. This place was pretty cool. I especially enjoyed the large tortoise that was hanging out in the handicapped site next to the bathroom. I took a short video clip of him finally getting sick of my camera in his face and crawling away. It was very exciting- I'm trembling just thinking of the high speed action. Rocky looked up the snake (that we almost ran over with our bicycles) on the internet and it turns out that it was a coral snake which apparently kills more people than any other snake because it hangs onto its victim, pumping as much venom as possible into the bloodstream.

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