Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Johnny B. in the Hotel Room
Milner Hotel Inner Courtyard

1 to 14 March, 2007. We parked the motorhome in front of Gail's and left the keys with her husband, Marc. We posted it for sale on Craigslist and put For Sale signs in the window. Then we set out to find a nearby hotel for a week. The Milner Hotel is right off I-4 on 50th St. in South Tampa. Most of the rooms were unoccupied and under construction. I estimated the occupancy at about 10% of total capacity so we had the hotel pretty much to ourselves. The central courtyard and pool was very private and well maintained. The pool was freezing cold so we never actually went swimming even though the days were quite warm. After our week was up, I complained to the front desk about a few things and got another week for $20 less with an extra free night. We took the opportunity to thin out our possessions and transfer the video we took between Florida and California (2001) to DVD so we could throw away the bulky videotapes. Anyway, we got a call for the motorhome and contacted Marc to show it. The buyer bought it on the spot and Marc took the money. A few days later, we sold the van. All of our vehicles were gone so we rented a Chrysler Pacifica SUV and headed for Louisiana.

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