Saturday, June 16, 2007


Mary and Johnny B. Leaving
The Courtyard Of Our Apartment
Johnny B. and Mary Outside Our
Apartment On Madison Street
Johnny B. and Mary at Clover Grill
St. Louis Cathedral
French Quarter, New Orleans
St. Louis Cathedral
Rocky and Mary on The Streetcar
Mary at The Dauphine Orleans Hotel
Mary With a Round of Beers
Mary and Rocky with The Oak Alley
Plantation Owner's 1920('s?) Model A's
Rocky and Mary
Rocky and Mary
Mary and Rocky Behind the Mansion
Mary Just Outside The Plantation
Oak Alley Plantation Mansion
The Oak Alley From the Second Floor Balcony
View From the Second Floor
Johnny B
Mary Again
Rocky and Mary in Front of the Mansion
Johnny B and Mary
Another Front Yard Shot
Mary (hidden) and Johnny B.
Doing Shots at a Bourbon Street Bar
Mary and a Bourbon Street Band
Johnny B. and Mary
Mary and a Local Lunatic
Mary on the Balcony of a Bourbon Street Bar
Mary With Her Fake Friends
Mary on Bourbon Street
Guess Where Mary Is?
Dueling Pianos at Pat O'Brien's Pub
Mary at Pat O'Brien's
Mary and Johnny B. at Pat O'Brien's
Mary on Bourbon Street
Johnny B. and Mary
Rocky Took Some Freaky Pictures
At a French Quarter Shop
Another Freaky Pic

Local Art in The French Quarter
More Local Art
French Quarter Shop
Aquarium Of The Americas
Some Very Very Cool Creatures on Display
Crab Hangin' Out
This Suit Enables Divers To
Go Much Deeper Than Before
Lots Of Jellyfish Here
Another Jelly
Yet Another Jelly
And Another
And So On
And So On
And So On
And On
And On
Looking Mean
Showing Off
Ready For Lunch
He Was Checking Us Out
More Sea Creatures
Nurse Shark
Huge Turtle
Another Stingray
Long Necked Turtle
Can You Spot The Owl?
A Few Giant Jellyfish Got Loose
And Terrorized The Museum Crowd
Another Jelly
More Jellies
Mary Petting A Stingray
Clownfish and Anemone
Another Crab
Mary Fell Into One Of The Display Tanks
Not Really An Albino Alligator
Because It Has Pink Eyes
More Coolness
Moray Eel
Moray Eel
Otters Hanging Out
Reproduction Of Sunken Oil Platform Reef
Sea Dragon or ALIEN?
I Forget What Kind of Fish This Is
More SeaHorses
Another SeaHorse
Pregnant Male SeaHorse
Siamese Fish (Just Kidding)
Johnny B. and Mary In Facsimile of
Ancient Monster Shark Jaws
Rocky Strapped a T-Bone Steak
To His Forehead and Climbed into the
Tank For This Shot (It's Actually a Picture
Of a Picture on The Wall)
More Pretty Fish
Stingray in Orbit Above Earth
Very Cool Display
Mary In The Canopy
Mary Before Boarding
The Steamboat Natchez
Aboard The Natchez For
The Jazz Harbor Cruise
Activity on The Mississippi River
This Is The Actual Ferry They
Blew Up In The Movie "Deja Vu"
Rocky and Mary At The Paddlewheel
Sculpture Garden
City Park, New Orleans
"Sacrifice III"
Sculpture Garden
Violin Spire In The Water
Mary With Her Catch Of The Day
Mary and The Giant Safety Pin
(Coming Soon to a Theater Near You)
Rocky and His New Friend
Johnny B. Got Attacked
After Straying Off The Path
Rocky And His Alter Ego
Johnny B. and Mary at
St. Louis Cemetery Number One
St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 is Right Across
The Street From The French Quarter
Johnny B. and Mary in The Cemetery
Guess Where This Was Taken?
Empty Crypt
Rocky and Mary
Honey Island Swamp Tour
Our Tour Guide Lured The Alligators
To The Boat With Marshmallows
Cypress Tree That Will Not
Rot or Get Eaten By Termites
Newly Spotted Local 12+ Foot Gator
Rocky and Mary on The Swamp Tour

June 12-16, 2007. Our longtime friend, Mary, flew down for vacation. We crammed in quite the itinerary. Rocky and I took her to a few of our favorite restaurants in the French Quarter, including Masperos, Deja Vu and Clover Grill. Unfortunately, Barrack's Street Cafe was under construction (she would've liked the vegetarian menu there). We also enjoyed the 4-course special at The Gumbo House. Our guide from the swamp tour recommended Mulate's in the CBD (Central Business District; downtown) so we ate there for our final dinner together.

The Honey Island swamp tour was very cool. We saw several alligators, including a 12+ footer that our guide had never seen before. Mary named him Big Jerry, after the tour guide. Apparently, alligators like marshmallows because that's what Jerry used to lure them to the boat. He also showed us a house that was plucked from its location on the riverbank and carried about 1.5 miles, intact, during hurricane Katrina.

We toured St. Louis Cemetery Number One, right across the street from the French Quarter, as well as The Sculpture Garden in City Park. We boarded the Steamboat Natchez for a Harbor Jazz Cruise, visited The Aquarium Of The Americas and Oak Alley Plantation. Rocky rented a car for two days so we saved $66 ($22 each) for transportation to the swamp and $105 ($35 each) for transportation to the plantation.

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