Saturday, April 03, 2004


3 April, 2004. We never even found out if there were electrical sites at the Amistad National Recreation Area but we don't think so. Definitely no showers. Camping was $2 per night with our National Parks Pass (half price). We saw deer and jackelopes. No rattlesnakes, mountain lions or bears here. They had well constructed "developed" sites (cement picnic tables with an awning). We were cold all day driving to Amistad but it was warm when we got there just before sunset. This place is pretty far south, still near the Mexico border. We threw away lots of stuff and got more organized. It stormed pretty hard during the night and by 8 am, we were in a huge thunderstorm that blanketed nearly all of West Texas. The winds were gusting at 55 mph so we just got a hotel in Del Rio, 8 miles up highway 90, instead of battling the dangerous driving conditions.

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