Sunday, April 04, 2004


4 April, 2004 (04/04/04). This place is a dump. $35 per night after taxes. There are other motels in town that look even worse. There are also more expensive motel chains in town that are probably a lot nicer but we're watching our money pretty closely. Rocky is fixing the shower with a pair of plyers like he does at practically every motel we stay at. They should pay us when we stay at these crappy motels. The cable has about 80 channels but the beds are hard and we had to get the owner to turn the heat back on. These motels never have remote controls for the TV- it makes clicking your way up to channel 60 or 70 a real hassle. I'm seeing weather reports of tornadoes in San Antonio so we definitely made the right decision to stay here tonight instead of heading into the San Antonio area. And we're getting orders processed here even though we don't have wireless internet service.

5 April, 2004. We slept at a rest stop... We are now just trying to cross Texas. Our attempts to find a campground here have been fruitless. They either don't have the envelopes to pay, or flooded so bad that they have no electric or water!

It's raining

Today, our goal is to make it across the Galveston Island Ferry! In the rain and high winds. The Bus catches a lot of wind under the luggage rack, the seal is missing. More rain. So we made it to the first island just west of Galveston, the van is all over the road. We stopped several times before to avoid the winds. Made it to the gulf and finally got to watch the waves again! Its been a long time in the desert.

The Galveston Island ferry was cool. There were rough seas, but we made it. We stayed at a Picnic Area just east of Galveston. Woke up and made our exit from Texas.

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