Tuesday, August 24, 2004


11 August to 24 August, 2004. We managed to get everything we owned into the bus and drive it over to Gail’s. We moved in, temporarily, at $300 / month. We had another hurricane party as “Charlie” approached from the Gulf. It was supposed to hit Tampa directly but took a turn and battered the Ft. Myers area instead. This was our second hurricane party that included Rocky, myself, Gail and Timmy, a friend from when we first moved to Tampa in 1997. The hurricane failed to show up again. On August 20, Rocky and I placed a bid on a boat that was ready to end at $118 on ebay. We got the boat for $122.50. It’s a 24 foot Tidewater Rainbow Knockabout Sailboat. The boat was in Maryland so we needed to get up there to check it out. We decided to take Gail’s Cadillac instead of the bus so we could make the trip in a day or so. Gail knew how to drive the bus so we switched vehicles and were on our way.

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