Friday, August 27, 2004


26 to 27 August, 2004. This is a State Park but we did get a small discount with our Golden Access Pass. We set up Gail's tent and bought an air mattress. The weather was awesome and so was the moon. Some woman had a 3-legged frog that she reported to the rangers. It was a genetic defect, not an amputee. indicating that there might be toxins in the area. She dropped it so many times as she showed it to everyone that I thought it had a rougher time with her than with it's own handicap. Even though this campground is in Delaware, it's just a few miles from Harbour North Marina in Chesapeake City, MD. Pennsylvania is only a few miles away too. In fact, we can buy a tax-free carton of cigarettes in Delaware for $25.99 as opposed to $32 plus tax in Maryland. We plan to order more $13.95 cartons online soon.

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