Thursday, October 21, 2004


15 October to 21 October, 2004. Everything from the bus is now in the boat. It's a mess. A 40-50 mph gust of wind ripped the awning off the van but we got it back on. We're selling the van to pay our way south. We got the basics of the kitchen re-installed in the boat and as soon as we can pay our tab, we'll put it in the water (and pray for no bottom leaks). We've been fighting topside leaks against the rain but we've pretty much got them under control. It rains constantly and we've been living in the mud for weeks while fixing the boat. We're now sleeping in it but the power goes out at some point every night so we wake up freezing most of the time. We can't wait to get back to Florida. The spiders here are huge! And I saw a snake the other day near the burn pile, where we're collecting some of the wood and other stuff to get the boat ready. There's an Army Corps of Engineers campground near Ft. Pierce, FL that we can dock at for $8/day (with our Golden Access Pass) for up to 30 days. Everyone here at the marina is very cool but we still can't wait to get out of here. There's supposed to be a sail for the boat on the premises but we haven't verified that yet. The mast and boom are laying across the top and they look to be in pretty good shape. Hopefully, we'll have some photos to post soon.

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