Thursday, October 14, 2004


17 September to 14 October, 2004. We ordered the adapter to connect our wireless internet card to our Wilson trucker antenna and it works so we've got internet access now. We completed the 24 foot Tidewater sailboat and traded it for a 27 foot Bayliner Buccaneer which is nearly ready to go into the water. It was literally rotten to the core. We had to remove the core and replace most of the wood as well as some of the portals. We painted the boat after repairing some fiberglass damage and also applied a fresh coat of bottom paint. There's still much work to be done but it's getting cold here and we want to head south. We've got a 6 horsepower engine that still needs some work ($41 on ebay) and it just might be enough to move us against the tides when necessary. We're eyeing a 30 foot Seidelmann sailboat that's been filled with water for over a year but we're not holding our breath that we'll be able to trade for it. Hopefully, we'll get some pictures posted before too long.

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