Monday, December 25, 2006


Johnny B. at the Christmas Party
Johnny B. Showing Off His Perfectly Sculpted Body

Johnny B on Bench, Art; Center Right

Inside the Fortune Teller Trailer

Lush and Fertile In The Campground

The Fortune Teller Trailer

23 to 25 December, 2006. This place was a blast. Lots of fun people here. They show a movie every night on the huge outdoor screen. There's a large fire pit with seating around it facing the screen. They even provided Christmas Dinner. I provided an 1878-S Silver Morgan Dollar for the gift exchange. Rocky provided a silver $10 Collector Coin from Las Vegas. Both coins were originally slated for eternal residence beneath the base of the mast of the 38 foot sailboat. That sailing tradition requires one coin per member of the crew for good luck and as an offering to Neptune. We had a great time here- just remember to bring everything you need because the nearest convenient store is in Lake Placid, many miles away.

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