Friday, December 22, 2006


The Hammock Inn Restaurant

Music In The Park Stage

This is a Fire Dependant Ecosystem

Johnny B

Rocky On The Main Loop Trail

Lots Of Land Surrounds The Park

Rocky In The Orange Grove

Our Site

The Empty Campground

The CCC Museum

There's Even Something For The Kids

This Place Was A Ghost Town

16 to 22 December, 2006. This place was dead and we were perfectly fine with that. We rode the fold-up bicycles down many of the trails and got lots of exercise. There's a C.C.C. Museum here that chronicles the area during the Great Depression. A very large swath of open field surrounds the park and it was great place to get away from all signs of civilization. We decided to spend Christmas weekend at Camp Mars with our friend, Art, who owns and operates St. Petersburg's oldest barber shop. So we headed south toward Venus, Florida and met Art at the campground.

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