Saturday, December 02, 2006


Tree Frog Checking Out The Showers

Yes, Johnny B Is Still A Pyro

I Had A Hard Time Getting A Good Picture Of These Turkey
Vultures Whose Wings Spanned Five Feet And More

I Just Thought It Was Cool How This Little Guy Folded His
Hands And Stood There Waiting For A Handout

Notice The Sign On Top: Flood Water Level 1988

Our New Home (That Will Hopefully Be Upgraded Soon)

Rocky On The Suspension Bridge Along One Of The Trails

Suspension Bridge

Suspension Bridge

It's Nice To Have The Paved Handicapped Site

18 November to 2 December, 2006. They have a half-acre pool here! And the turkey vultures were huge too. They spent a lot of time soaring above our heads and throughout the campground. We took our bikes around the one mile trail- that was nice. There's a very cool suspension bridge at the end of the trail. But when we started down the three mile trail, numerous large tree roots on the trail made for a bumpy ride. Pretty boring stuff, huh?

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