Thursday, September 09, 2004


1 to 9 September, 2004. We made it in time to attempt our third hurricane party as “Frances” crept toward the Atlantic coast. Many coastal areas were evacuated, including Ft. Pierce (specifically South Hutchinson Island), where Michael, Natalie and Roxanne were still living. Their car was in the shop so Rocky drove over to pick them up and bring them to Gail’s. We bought 20 lbs. of chicken, 10 lbs. of ribs, a whole ham, lots of hot dogs and lots of Coca Cola, beer and ice. Of course, we forgot buy any candles or batteries but we had some on hand. The hurricane showed up this time and brought about 10 inches of rain. Ft. Pierce got pounded and Natalie feared the worst. It turned out that despite all the destruction there, there place was spared any real damage. Rocky brought them back to the island on 7 September and got stuck due to a curfew until 5 am the following day. There were lots of heavily armed National Guardsmen patrolling the island. Rocky made it back to Zephyrhills on Wednesday morning and we’re planning on heading back to Maryland soon with all of our stuff in the bus.

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