Sunday, September 12, 2004


12 September, 2004.This place gets very high marks, even if it is one of the many campgrounds surrounding J. Strom Thurmond Lake. Yes, the racist politician J. STROM THURMOND has a lake named after him! We didn't see any fire or brimstone but we steered clear of the water anyway. The trees are very tall here. The bathrooms here are nice, with hot and cold controls for the showers, which is uncommon for Army Corps of Engineers campgrounds (Usually there is just the one setting for the showers- scalding hot). The parking pad is very level and flat, coated with crushed lime that also keeps the bugs away from your feet and legs. The electric and water hookups are set next to the flat wooden wall that borders one side of the site so we were able to plug in the electric coffee maker without an extension cord. In addition to the picnic table, fire ring and hanging, hooked post for a lantern, there is an extra table that was very useful. It's nice to know that our favorite campgrounds (Army Corps of Engineers campgrounds) always take our Golden Access Pass for half price ($9 per night for us to camp here). We even plugged in the air conditioner and slept in cool, white noise comfort again. We're right on the Georgia-South Carolina border so we may even make it to North Carolina by tonight. We'll see. On the way out, we stopped at the South Carolina Welcome Center and they had a goldmine of pamphlets identifying Army Corps of Engineers campgrounds all across the country. We also picked up a pair of cell phones from Verizon with a $50 rebate. We hardly ever get our rebates back from anything (after sending in all the necessary paperwork and information) so we're not holding our breath.

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