Monday, September 13, 2004


13 September, 2004. Rocky spends a lot of time working on the bus but it's getting more sluggish every day. We've put probably 10,000 miles on her in the last 6 months and she's getting tired. Once we get a decent live-aboard sailboat, we may sell her. We arrived here just before dark and so didn't do much at this campground either. We should be back in Chesapeake City, Maryland after 2 more campgrounds. Our plan is to finish off our 24 foot sailboat, learn to sail and then sell it in Annapolis, Maryland. After that, we're going to start on our 2nd boat, sell it and work our way up to a comfortable live-aboard. The extra battery in the bus is almost fully charged after a few days of electricity. We plugged in the air conditioner again even though it was cool outside and were able to use our electric coffe maker again. We just now heard a pack of coyotes howling in the near distance. Everything we own is in the bus with us, except our microwave/convection oven which we loaned to Natalie, our scanner, which we loaned to Gail and a monitor which we left for Gail to sell at her yard sale before moving from Zephyrhills to Tampa. All things considered, we have plenty of room to function in here.

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