Friday, September 10, 2004


10 September, 2004. We didn't get out of Zephyrhills until the 9th. All campgrounds in the Oceola National Forest were closed due to hurricane Frances but we parked and popped up there anyway. Trees were down and branches made access into the campground difficult but we put our $2.50 in the slot (half of the $5 fee since it is federal and all federal campgrounds accept the Golden Access Pass for half price). There were lots of signs indicating that bears were prevalent and with everything all stirred up by the hurricane, we feared for snakes as well. We were really on edge there since we weren't supposed to be there in the first place and the Bush brothers had turned Florida into a police state in the wake of hurrican Frances. The bugs were unbearable. There was an outhouse and no clean water. We were planning on staying at a campground in the Ocala National Forest with water and electricity but they were also closed so we headed north to the Oceola National Forest, unsure if they would be open. Electric lines were down all over the area and ice was nowhere to be found. I didn't realize how far north hurricane Frances had tore up Florida. Sometimes it's good to get the blood pumping with a little fear. The bugs sure noticed our increased heart rates.

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