Sunday, March 21, 2004


(21 March, 2004) We had just a ball at this campgound! First, on the road up there, there is a sign for camping that sends you down a dirt road and over a creek to...well, nowhere. We found some other people who told us that the campgound was just up the paved road we just got off. We headed that way only to find the "campground full" sign. So we cruised around to the host to beg. He said that there was someone who just left and we took that space. About an hour later, a family walked up and asked if they could share our spot! The campground host had sent them our way because we had the VW Pop-Up and were not going to use the tent space anyway. They were great. She was from Austrailia, He was from France, and the two girls had attributes of both. So another hour goes by and yet another carload of campers come up to ask if they could share. Even later that evening, a moterhome rolls up to share! We were one big happy family. Before all this, we had met the nicest lady from Hawaii. She is an attorney and when she comes to the mainland, feels the need to drive and drive. It was all just a hoot! The campground is primitive with outhouses- got a signal, no internet, phone worked. The sunset from just below the campground at the information pull-off is worth the wait, and the views of the mountains are just pristine. Here, the scare was all about Black Bears. This place is for bird nerds! I also saw the brightest meteor of my life.

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