Wednesday, March 31, 2004


31 March, 2004. Robin Hood is also a trailer park community. We were the smallest camping vehicle there. They have a recreation / game room, hot tub, sauna and pool (the pool wasn't open but it looked pretty nice). On my first trip into the rec room, a woman invited me to play penny poker with them. They played every Wednesday and were trying to get their Saturday games going again. One of the men who was there boldly advised me the she "sucked at poker." He was just having fun but I thought it was pretty rude. Overall, they semed like a fun group but I was tired and politely declined their offer. We also had an old friend visit our little driveway-sized space and had lots of fun that night. The bathrooms were inside the rec center and the doors were locked at 11 pm. I was still drinking beer so I had to improvise. Granted, most people have bathrooms in their RV, but a simple bathroom should be available in any RV Park. Even the most primitive campsites offer at least an outhouse. The streets in the park were named things like Little John Lane, etc. It was friendly and fun.

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