Tuesday, March 23, 2004


(23 March, 2004) Very cool rock formations here! It's called the "Land of the Standing-Up Rocks" and "Wonderland of Rocks." There are towering rock spires, massive stone columns, and balanced rocks weighing hundreds of tons. Getting there from Cochise Stronghold was easy, it was a short drive and we needed a break. We stayed in the campground at Bonita Canyon. There is a road up Bonita Canyon to Massai point, 6870 ft. There is a great view from there, well worth the mountain drive. You can see for miles, and the rocks go on forever. We weren't adventurous enough to hike down. They have free van service from the campground up to the top each morning and several trails down. The campground has water, no showers. No Verizon service at all. We also ran into another campmobile, early '80's. Dorthy and Glenn were from Michigan and traveling with two large dogs. We first met them in Coshise Stronghold, they chased us to Chiricahua. They were a lot of fun.

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