Saturday, March 27, 2004


(27 March, 2004) This campground was fairly boring as well. However, you can find (quoted from the AAA Guide) "agate, jasper, opal, chalcedony, quartz crystals and carnelian- and amethyst filled geodes in the rhyolitic matrix." We found some crystals. There is a shower but you have to push the button several times before it gets hot. The showers are in a modern bathroom with sinks and there is one other outhouse at the other end. There are also electric sites. The view west is pretty nice (very flat, aside from the small Florida Mountain Range) and there are a lot of barrel cacti that are also pretty cool. There is also a trail up the small mountain that borders the park. We didn't see any rattlesnakes but apparently they were there. We got a cell phone signal but no wireless internet.

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