Friday, March 26, 2004


(26 March, 2004) We stayed in a little motel called the Hacienda Motel. It was $22 per night for 2 people (exactly $24 with tax). Apparently room #20 had the best Television set. We were very impressed with the cable (Comedy Channel, History Channel, Discovery Channel, etc.)- better than some of the $60-$80 motels we stayed in. There was only one small bed but for the money, we were pretty happy with it. We even got the manager to give us a remote control for the TV with no deposit. The shower and tub were also cleaner than many of the more expensive motels we've stayed in over the past month. Deming has many of the small, cheap motels that we've been looking for, without success, throughout the southwest. We got a good signal, both phone and internet in Deming.

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