Wednesday, March 17, 2004


(15 to 17 March, 2004) Just east of Phoenix lies Tortilla Flat, Arizona. The campground at Tortilla Flat is hosted by Kathy and Jim who have been here for 7 years. They are, like so many campground hosts we've encountered, very friendly and a lot of fun.

Tortilla Flat lies on the old Apache Trail. The USDA Forest Service campground is right across the street. Over 100 years ago, it was a stagecoach stop and hasn't grown since; population. 6. There is a General Store, Resturant / Bar (highly recomended for a beer or two and their world class Chili) and there's even a post office. The campground has no showers and they lock the gate at dark. It's closed from May 1 to October, but I would advise not to go during April- that's when the rattlesnakes start to appear! If you have ever wanted to experience the old west and maybe search for the Lost Dutchman's gold, this is the place.

Closer to Apache Junction is a State Park. Across the street from there is an old mining town- we did'nt go, looks like a tourist trap, but may be worth checking out.

We installed the Wilson Trucker Antenna here. The campground Host said there was no chance for a signal, and considering the terrain we didn't think so either. BUT, we were able to get a signal. We had to drive up the road a bit to actually make a call, but the signal is there and makes the antenna worth the cash. We were able to find it at a truck stop in Kingston, AZ, They had the adapter for the StarTac Phone, but not the Verizon Aircard. No Verizon service. We ended up going into Apache Junction to get a signal, very shaky, lots and lots of username errors. If you dont keep the conection alive, you will be dropped.

We also tried out the solar shower for the first time. It sounded like a dumb idea at the time, but glad we have it! At least we can wash our hair! We recommend baby wipes also!

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