Tuesday, June 15, 2004


11 to 15 June, 2004. We simply couldn't handle the bugs along the Mississippi so we decided to head to my paren't house even though all of our supplies hadn't arrived yet. Mt dad grilled the most awesome steaks I've had ina long time. Then he made some of the best Jumbo Tempura Shrimp that I've ever had. My mom made her famous dumplings with chicken gravy to go along with the homemade chickem pot pies that Rocky made the night before. I defrosted the garage freezer and super-cleaned the refrigerator. Rocky cut a high, dead branch off the backyard tree. I took some of the larger wood for my next campfire. My brother, Matt came by for a visit with his new wife, Mary. Everyone likes Mary. Rocky took my mom to the flower shop in the bus. She loved it and was giving peace signs out the window. Rocky and I then visited my grandma just a few miles away. I'm glad we got a chance to show her the bus. I was also able to visit the Martin family, who I've been friends with since high school. The neighborhood looks great and everyone is fixing up the houses there. it was nice to spend some time there. We had a great visit and a great time.

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