Monday, June 28, 2004


28 June, 2004. This place has no water or electricity. Only outhouses here. No internet access. It cost $5.00 to camp here and $2.50 with the Golden Age or Access Pass. I built a fire, of course. We heard several loud explosions in the area. There are lots and lots of bullets and hand-grenades being produced down here but it is not widely known. During WWII, this area was one of the main production centers of both chemical and conventional weapons. A rogue butterfly put on quite a display for us- circling our heads and the bus for several minutes. We didn't do much here except sweat and add another showerless day. We were also running out of power from our extra marine battery. From here, we're going to Giant City State Park campground. There will be showers and electricity there- maybe even internet access.

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