Saturday, June 26, 2004


26 June, 2004. This is a private campground on Federal Land. Hmmm. $15 / night. We started off in Crab Orchard Lake Campground and Marina in Carterville, IL. There was only one electric site left so we registered for it. When we got to the site, there was a camper parked on it with noone around. Then the campground owner found out that the previous campers were in St. Louis. They own this campground too so they called here and faxed over our registration. We had to buy a 30 amp adapter so our 110 cord would plug into the electric post. People are packed in here pretty tight. "This aint no federal run facility." We just listened to a domestic screaming match right across the street. Our water spigot is pretty pathetic. Our van is getting much attention here. Aside from the screamers, the people here are really nice. This is our first private campground (second, if you include Crab Orchard Lake, which sent us here) and we won't make this mistake again. We bought Wal-Mart's new $20 digital camera but we haven't uploaded any pictures yet. We've only been here for a few hours so I may add more later.

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