Wednesday, June 16, 2004


16 June, 2004. Our site was littered with cut firewood, which I burned along with most of the wood from my parent's house. I ended up leaving a few large pieces for the nighboring family. We met Doug, a Canadian.who was running a Macintosh operating system on his 10 year old Newton hand-held computer. Very nice guy. He was camping with his family in a limited edition, pop-up, stretch campmobile (not Volkswagon). He said they got 30 miles to the gallon but we listened when he started it up and drove away and we have our dobts about its gas mileage. It may have gotten 30 miles to the gallon when it was new, 30 years ago. Our bus needs some work so we're limping our way back down to Southern Illinois. It seems to be a compression problem or something like that. Rocky replaced the spark plugs but we had to return the spark plug wires because they weren't long enough. The NAPA Supercomputer had made a mistake.

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