Wednesday, June 02, 2004


29 May to 2 June, 2004. We drove from Johnny B's parent's house to Richard Bong Recreation Area. Got a primitive site for the night (all the electric sites were reserved), and then drove to Johnny B's sister, Patty's house. Patty, and her husband, Dave, have three great kids. Dave's sister, Nancy, was also there who Johnny B knew from his Air Force days. Nancy was also in the Air Force. Everyone, save a couple, loved the bus! Johnny B's goal, to show the family the bus, had been met! There was tons of beer and great food, especially the bratwurst. We ended up taking a few brats back to the campground with some other goodies. I met Ron and his wife Jan, both who had been neighbors of Johnny B's family growing up. Ron owns a 36' powerboat, and since we are looking to get a boat, we had lots of quesitons. Ron also guilt tripped me into waxing the van, which I did the next day. It looks a hundred times better now. They also own a very cool van which we sat around in and had a great conversation. The whole thing was very surreal, suburbia at its climax. Chuck and Matt showed up, Mary Jane stayed home a little ill. Patty, Dave and the kids moved back to Georgia a couple of days after the party.

We finally left about 10:30 and went back to Bong. As we pulled up to our site, we were pleasantly surprised at our new neighbors. There were three guys and a girl who were out camping for the weekend. PARTIERS! Johnny B stayed up and drank with them as they piled wood on the fire. We did some bartering and even had a little fun. After two nights, we got an electric site for the next three nights. We had some more fun with a local there. Lots of playful chipmunks here and apparently, no dangerous animals at all (although there are poisonous snakes evrywhere). The campground is very nice, with extrememly hot showers (the push-button type) and lots of water surrounding the area. We also got internet access there. The prinitive site cost $10 / night, the electric site was $15 / night- a little pricey compared to what we're used to. Also, we had to buy a sticker for $20 and attach it to the windshield to camp in any Wisconsin State Park. Bong cost us $85 for five nights but it was lots of fun.

Both of our cell phones are now roaming! Whats the deal? We are supposed to have service with both AT&T and Verizon.

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