Friday, May 21, 2004


21 May, 2004. There was a husband, wife and son running this campground. The husband squeezed between the bus and the entrance booth as the wife was checking us in. It was difficult to understand him while the wife struggled with the computer and her eyes. I thought we were foing to crush his toes as we slowly crept forward after finalizing the check-in. We met a couple of guys from a nearby town who we partied with. They rode their bicycles into town and only Kurt came back. He had been at the campground for a few weeks and was basically getting away from the two women, and their kids, in his life. The reason he rode his bike into town every day was to see a third woman. I tried to wake him up for work the next morning while his alarm was beeping away but he still hadn't gotten up by the time we left.

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