Sunday, May 23, 2004


23 May, 2004. I turned 38 today (Johnny B). When the six pack of beer came up within the groceries, the very nice woman at the register told me "Sorry suga, no beer on Sundays. This ain't South Carolina you know?" So the state of Georgia denied me beer on my birthday- oh well. Although I won't forget the Sunday liquor law, we probably won't be back in Georgia any time soon anyway. We came across whole towns throughout Georgia that seemed to be deserted- big towns. It was a first hand look at our wonderful economy. We picked a great site, right on the lake, with firewood that was left there. The crickets, locusts, birds and kids were pretty loud but the $4.99 electric fan from Big Lots also serves to provide some white noise for sleeping. The showers here are pretty good.

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