Friday, May 28, 2004


27 to 28 May, 2004. We spent all day driving, arriving just before dark at Johnny B's parents' house. The Des Plaines River had just crested and there was a lot of flood damage in the area but Johnny B's parents were spared of any damage. They have done a lot of work on the house recently- a new deck out back, new carpet, flower gardens, a newly sealcoated driveway, ect. I always like visiting with Chuck and Mary Jane. Johnny B's mom and dad are always very generous. Everyone has always liked Chuck and Mary Jane. Johnny B's dad also surprised us with Brown's Chicken, which Johnny B was hoping for. Maggie, Mary Jane's King Charles Cocker Spaniel still fetches the frisbee and fills the inside of it with her toys. This dog should be on America's Funniest Animals.

The next day, we got some work done, then spent the evening with Matt, Johnny B's brother, and his new wife, Mary. We stayed untill 1am, and had a blast. Matt gave us the heavy leather jacket that saved his life when he wiped out on a motorcycle many years ago, a hemp hoodie, which we use frequently, a rain jacket that we also use and a Brita pitcher that filters water which we now use every day. Rocky has started a photo study of the Brita filter (since what is deemed acceptable drinking water varies from campground to campground)- so far so good. EPA standards have lowered considerably during the current administration so there is more cause to be concerned with the water. They were all very useful and thoughtful gifts. Thanks Matt.

Matt and Mary had slipped into Vegas to get married by Elvis shortly after we left Nevada back in March.

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