Wednesday, May 19, 2004


16-19 May, 2004. John is also a very good friend of ours who was our business partner when we first started selling on ebay. Ed joined us early in the process and is still working with John. They sell on ebay, have a website and go to many (retail seller) shows in Las Vegas, Chicago and other cities. They visited us in Las Vegas while we were living there. It was nice to sit on John's couch all day, in the air conditioning, for "Stargate Monday" on the Sci-Fi Channel and eat real food. John and Ed are great friends and would sell the shirts off their back for us. John is also a great bartender- well known and well liked in the Fort Lauderdale area. We have many great friends in Florida. We may go out to dinner tonight. We're planning on heading north tomorrow, towards my sister's house in Wisconsin for her graduation party on the 29th, and visiting the rest of my family in the Chicago area as well as Rocky's family in Southern Illinois. We're looking forward to visting Michael, Natalie, Roxanne and Gail on our way north, as well as camping in some more State Parks we haven't visited yet.

(Next Day) We ate at home and had parmesan chicken, fresh butter-garlic spinach, stuffing and garlic bread. We were perectly happy to watch TV all day and stay at home instead of going out. Rocky and I used to live here. I stayed in the bus most of the afternoon working and we talked a little politics with John's computer guy. We even went to the DMV to get my driver's license renewed but the line was simply too long so we turned around and left.

RL.. So I got this Nokia phone at Johns. I called verizon, they were a no-go on the model. I called Cingular, they said I would have to come into one of there stores. I called AT&T, they turned me on for $25 with $.25 a min. So now we have two phones and two cell providers...p>

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