Tuesday, May 04, 2004


3 to 4 May, 2004. We went back to Tracy and Clarice's house (the VW Van collectors) after leaving St. Bernard. We plugged in and slept in their driveway 2 more nights. We had 4 pounds of boiled and fried shrimp ($3.99 / lb.) for lunch. We built a bonfire in their backyard fire pit to celebrate Beltane (a May Day, full moon. fertility celebration). We also watched "Pirates of the Caribbean" on DVD. it was nice to sit in a living room and watch a movie. We've decided to head into Florida after we leave here (to visit our friend Gail in ZephyrHills, Michael, Natalie and Roxanne in Ft. Pierce and John in Ft. Lauderdale) and then head into Wisconsin by May 29 for my sister's graduation party. My whole family is apparently going to be there. I'll finally have a chance to distribute the "Burhop Family Photo CD" which I worked on for 3 months. I scanned in 1,050 family photos and slides from October through January.

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