Sunday, May 02, 2004


Kool Boat we saw between Slidell and St. Bernard


27 April to 2 May, 2004. There are 12 foot alligators here! There are alligators at all the state parks in Louisiana but I hadn't seen any until today. Rocky saw a few the other day as we were driving. It blows my mind how close they are to the campsites. Melvin, who runs the maintenance crew gave me the grand tour.

I saw an 8 foot alligator but he assured me that there were 12 foot alligators here too. I got video of it coming across the water towards us but no still-shots to post (still working on that). We also found some perfectly ripe blackberries. My fingernail finally fell off today- I smashed it in the restroom door at Bog Springs around March 21. Jazzfest is going on in downtown New Orleans and many of the campers are here for just that. We're thinking real hard about heading into New Orleans for the fest on Saturday to see Santana but money and weather are major factors. I had a few beers around the bonfire with James (who races a VW beetle- apparently one of the fastest street-legal beetles in the U.S.), Todd, Dave (all 3 from Huntsville, Alabama), Manny, Lisa and "Mirror" and "Shilo" (Mirror and Shilo are modern day hippies).


Mirror cuts coins into medallions and is extremely good at it, getting $45 for a silver dollar medallion.

Didn't make it to Jazz Fest. It poured rain on Saturday night. We had a bonfire until dawn at our site with James, Todd, Dave and Patrick (who is traveling on his Harley Davidson with his dog).

Patrick's dog has luxury accommodations in a sidecar-like trailer that hooks onto the Harley. Patrick also had a laptop with wireless internet. We copied some of Todd's CD's and made some copies of our CD's for Todd the next day. I thought the dragonflies were cool at St. Bernard. We also met Mary and her mother, Maria, wno were some fast-talking local women. mary offered to bring us a goose egg if we were still around the next day but we had checked out before she could bring it. The power was turned off just after we left St. Bernard to update the electric there and add more electric sites. The showers were adequate there but the pay phone had been removed by Bell South. Bell South is removing pay phone service from many of the Louisiana campgrounds, claiming that they're not profitable enough. We had lots of fun there.

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