Monday, May 24, 2004


24 May, 2004. If the dam breaks, we are the first to go. The guy in the entrance both selected our site and put us right next to the showers, within watching distance of the entrance booth and away from all the other campers. I think he thought we might be trouble. But it was an arrangement we were happy with. There was even some leftover wood for me to burn. The pad we parked on was nice- large and smooth. But you had to cross through long grass to get to the bathroom- no walkway at all, just a parking lot on the opposite side that was a long walk around. We snapped a few pictures but our crappy little $20 digital camera reset itself and we lost them. We met up with Rocky's cousin, Monica, in Clarksville, Tennessee. We hung out with her in the parking lot at McDonald's for nearly an hour before moving on. It just so happened that she was taking the afternoon off from work. I'd never met her before. Rocky tried to talk her into meeting up with us in Chicago and going to Canada with us since her Canada vacation got canceled. The timing is actually feasible. She's getting married soon.

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