Tuesday, December 28, 2004


28 December, 2004. I finally got to see some dolphins riding the bow on the way here. There was supposed to be a free dock here but it looks like either the hurricanes took it out or they turned it into the boardwalk that wraps around the anchorage So we anchored and dinghyed to shore. When we visited my parents back in June, My mother was showing us some of her antiques and jewelry. She dangled a broken gold bracelt in front of us and asked if either of us wanted some gold. Of course we did so we politely accepted. I had been carrying the bracelet around in my pocker for a few weeks and when we were ashore at Cocoa, I went into a jewelry store to sell. I got $70. Rocky and I promptly went and got chicken wings and a few amber bock beers. I ordered a chicken cordon bleu and Rocky had the Mahi sandwich. We were sick of eating out of cans and needed some real food. We had been playing leap frog with another sailboat on the way here and they were eating at the restaurant too. Their boat was fairly small but they told us that its previous owner had sailed around the world in it. People keep telling us that people have sailed around the world in boats a lot smaller than ours. Although we always knew that was true, we also knew that those people must have been crazy. Even the ICW is full of perilous waterways.

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