Saturday, December 04, 2004


4 December, 2004. We arrived here just as our 2nd 6-gallon gas tank was nearly empty. We also have a 2-gallon tank that was full so we weren't in danger of running out of gas completely. Their winter rate was $1.95 per foot which is pretty high but they give a 40% discount for Boat U.S. members which we are. Our menbership gives us unlimited towing which we never know if we'll need. It cost a little more than a hundred dollars per year and well worth it. We were able to plug in for electric heat and light, get showers and even visit Beaufort which has a long history. I got another ride back to the marina from the liquor store. Everyone in North Carolina wants to give you a ride. We met up with another sailor who we first encountered in Elizabeth City, NC. We also met Noah, a young guy with a 35 foot sailboat who had just replaced his engine and was also heading south toward warmer weather. He was traveling with his very friendly beer drinking dog, Krista. I shared several beers with Noah and we partied until 2 am. I'm usually in bed by 8 or 9 pm. We traded him one of our extra compasses for a couple of blocks (pulleys) that we needed for our main sail rigging. It'll be a few more days before he's back on the water but we hope to run into him again along the way.

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