Sunday, December 19, 2004


19 December, 2004. (Rocky's Note: ICW Mile 645)- "We just crossed the Sapelo Sound / Sapelo River to get here. Huge waves, small craft advisories.... supposed to get into the 20's burrrrrrr. Next marina is over 20 miles, its 2:30 pm and we are going 5.5 mph......... Me thinks we might freeze tonight. The radio (NOAA All Hazards Marine Channel 16) said we should bring in our potted plants!" We arrived in New Teakettle creek and decided to seek shelter near Mary Hammock, where there were some trees. So we criss-crossed up Mary Creek in 7 feet of water and anchored next to the shore. It sure looked like alligator country but we dinghyed to the shore and sloshed through the mud and reeds anyway to check out the very cool island here full of palm plants and freaky trees. I seriously considered building a fire in the reeds next to the boat.

So the tide went out and we found ourselves sitting on the bottom, which was now the shore, angled at aboit 15 degrees. We could've scraped barnacles from our hull if we had any. It was quite uncomfortable and everything we put on the table would slide off. We took some pictures but they were too dark. It was pretty weird to see each other standing straight up inside the boat- it looked like we were leaning at 15 degrees. Then we missed our high tide opportunity in the middle of the night and the howling wind blew us even more onshore. We were now at about 20 degrees. At this point, we just hopped off the side of the boat to get ashore. We endured it all morning and at about 1:00 pm, we were able to wiggle the tiller enough to break free. We considered anchoring back in Mary Creek but decided to continue on.

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