Friday, December 24, 2004


24 December, 2004. It started raining pretty hard so we diecided to anchor anywhere we could. We basically just crossed out of the ICW Channel markers and anchored next to a bridge, beside a barge. We had one round of dry clothes left so we changed into them and then Rocky lit the bomb (the 1970's catalytic heater filled with camping fuel that we originally bought to match the time period of the 1974 microbus). We were able to get a few local stations on the TV and ended up watching the Rocky and Bullwinkle movie- pretty sad. We haven't been able to pay the bills so we have no phone or internet service. So we just ate some food and worried about the anchor breaking loose as we so often do. I don't mean to complain but DAMN, can we get a break? The heater kept us pretty warm and we slept well. Exciting stuff, yes? Anyway, we set out in the morning about 7:30 am and decided to seek out a marina where we could get some electricity and dry some clothes. It's supposed to be very windy and rain quite a bit over the next two days and the temperature outlook doesn't look so hot (literally). Besides, it's Christmas- what better excuse to spend your last dime.

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