Wednesday, December 22, 2004


22 December, 2004. Arrived here 1:00 pm. We took an alternate route through Jekyll Sound to avoid the regular ICW route across St. Andrew Sound that takes you out into the ocean before continuing south. I don't think so. The alternate route adds about 5 miles but that is perfectly acceptable to us. We crossed the St. Simons Sound earlier in the day just before the weather got bad. I'm afraid of anything with "Sound" in its name these days. And my fear comes not from a sound, but from the the 5 foot waves in the river before Georgetown, SC. The ICW is not as safe as I believed. There are many openings to the ocean- large openings! We were going to continue into the Satila River but as soon as we entered the river, huge waves and swells forced us back almost immediately. We find ourselves waiting out bad water often these days. I've begun turning my science fiction book into a screenplay and got a lot of work done that afternoon.

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