Sunday, December 26, 2004


25 to 26 December, 2004. The waves were pretty bad and it was raining but we had made our goal and reached the vicinity of Fish Island Marina ($1 per foot). But the waves prevented us from heading in there so we decided to head toward Oyster Creek Marina on the other side of the St. Augustine Inlet. We were both pretty miserable and just needed to stop so we pulled into a dock at a boat yard. There was a sign on the office door that they would be closed until December 26, so we pulled over to the next dock where there was electricity and plugged in. I heard a guy playing Christmas songs on his coronet. I politely waited until he finished "Silent Night", applauded and then and asked if there was anyone there to take our money. There wasn't so we stayed there two nights with electricity and pulled out at 6 am. on Monday morning. There were showers that we took advantage of but no washer or dryer so we dried all of our wet clothes with our electric heater. Rocky desperately needed a bacon cheeseburger so we walked into town and found a place called Holly's (It looked like a Rally Burger joint and was perfect). Rocky got his bacon cheeseburger, chili cheese fries and I had a patty melt. $23 with tip. Burgers instead of canned soup- priceless. The winds grew to 40 mph and it rained most of the time so we were happy to be tied up instead of worrying about our anchor slipping. I got a lot of work done on the screenplay of my book. Two nights of electricity for free was just what we needed.

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