Saturday, December 18, 2004


Causton Bluff Bridge, GA
Rocky, Causton Bluff Bridge in background
Rocky, Causton Bluff Bridge in background

18 December, 2004. We saw dolphins all day on the way here, some even riding our bow again. Somewhere along the line, we had to switch out our empty gas tank and we saw a crab trap buoy go racing under the boat. We decided to follow it. I was poised on the bow with the boat hook, ready to capture whatever was attached to the line. There might as well have been 'Jaws' music going in the background or someone calling out "thar she blows!" as we pursued the unknown creature. It could have been a smart dolphin, carrying off an entire cage of crabs but we only knew that there was something alive on the other end of the line. As we got close, the great, fearsome creature pulled the large buoy underwater. We spotted it a few more times but it eventually disappeared below. We had certainly entered no-man's land (sea) because there were few, if any, marinas or signs of civilization for most of the trip. We anchored in Redbird Creek, among more frolicking dolphins and managed to secure nearly a dozen blue crabs which we boiled and ate (our revenge for the crab pots we've been avoiding for the last 800 miles).

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